Working together allows Mountains Healing Minds to amplify its impact far beyond our capabilities. By pooling resources, such as funding, volunteers, and expertise, Mountains Healing Minds can tackle larger challenges and reach those who need us. This synergy fosters innovation, as diverse perspectives lead to more comprehensive experiences.

Furthermore, collaboration strengthens the entire non-profit ecosystem. By working together, organizations can avoid duplicating services, freeing up resources for areas with greater need. This fosters a culture of knowledge sharing where best practices, training opportunities, and invaluable experience are readily available. This collaborative spirit builds a supportive network where organizations can learn from each other and ensure the long-term sustainability of their efforts. Ultimately, by uniting our voices and advocating for systemic change, non-profits & corporations working together can create a lasting positive impact on the communities they serve.

Mountains Healing Minds is proud to acknowledge the following non-profit and corporate communities as friends to our mission.  

Thank you for helping fuel our vision!

Homeward for Heroes 🇺🇸


Coming home can be a difficult readjustment period for many people, including families of a "hero".  Our organization strives to build on the readjustment period it takes to integrate back into society on a civilian level.  We also focus on PTSD for those that have been through crisis they feel they can't deal with alone.  Connecting them with others that have been through similar situations allows an avenue to talk, share, and know that they are not alone in their struggle.   My wife and I started "Homeward for Heroes" a non-profit organization for veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders and their spouses. We take them on treks 3-10 days long where they can connect with each other, build new relationships, and reconnect with their spouses, especially after long periods away like deployments, training periods, fighting fires, long shifts, etc... Our "treks" are overlanding, mainly in the Pacific Northwest at first but will be expanding as the demand grows, taking them to scenic off-road destinations that include undeveloped hot springs, romantic destinations, wine tours, ghost towns, old mines, wilderness, and just a genuine old fashioned good time.  Our team plans these treks out in advance to cater to the needs of the group and to make the time out on the road efficient and enjoyable. 

Surfshark 🇳🇱


Mountains Healing Minds operates globally, making data transmission security crucial. Sensitive donor info, internal comms, and project details need protection. Surfshark VPN encrypts internet traffic, safeguarding data on public Wi-Fi. Breaches shatter donor trust, and a VPN shows our commitment to responsible data management. Staff and volunteers working remotely also benefit from a VPN's protection.

Surfshark implements the most secure protocols and offers a no-logs policy, keeping data unreadable and unrecorded. With servers in over 60 countries, secure connections are available globally. Plus, one subscription covers unlimited devices, ideal for a global team.

We are grateful to Surfshark for playing a crucial role in Mountains Healing Minds' dedication to data security. If you are in need of VPN services we highly recommend Surfshark!

Vintage Travel & Tours🇳🇵


At Mountains Healing Minds, we're incredibly grateful for the partnership with Vintage Travel and Tours. Their commitment to on-time, well-communicated, and reliable logistics is paramount to the smooth running of our Chalk missions. Ensuring our visonaries have a stress-free travel experience allows them to fully immerse themselves in healing throughout the journey.  Vintage Travel's dedication goes beyond just getting people from place to place; it provides a solid foundation for the transformative experiences we offer.  

Their expertise extends far beyond our needs.  Vintage Travel can craft unique and private tours for any traveler seeking an unforgettable adventure in Nepal.  We can confidently say that we've put their services to the test on numerous occasions, and their dependability has proven invaluable.  Together, with Vintage Travel as our trusted partner, we can cultivate a nurturing environment for healing, one chalk at a time.

Hotel Manang🇳🇵


We proudly partner with Hotel Manang in Kathmandu to offer visionaries a beautiful haven for healing in Nepal. Nestled within the bustling Thamel district, Hotel Manang provides a tranquil escape, seamlessly blending modern amenities with traditional Nepali hospitality. This partnership goes beyond comfortable accommodations, offering a captivating introduction to Nepal's rich culture.

Visionaries can unwind after transit and touring in Kathmandu by experiencing an engaging nightly cultural show within the hotel. These vibrant performances immerse them in the heart of Nepali tradition through mesmerizing dance, soulful music, and a delectable spread of local cuisine.  This cultural immersion complements the transformative experiences offered by Mountains Healing Minds, fostering a deeper connection to Nepal and its vibrant spirit.  Hotel Manang's central location also grants effortless access to Kathmandu's cultural and historical treasures, further enriching the visionaries' healing journeys.