☕️ The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is a virtual international chat group brewing connection and support for Veterans and Trauma Survivors worldwide. No matter your background, branch of service, or the nature of your experience, this safe and welcoming space offers a chance to connect with others who understand. Share your story, find encouragement, learn from resources, and offer support in return – all while being treated with the utmost respect and empathy. The Coffee Shop is moderated to ensure a safe environment and welcomes anyone who wishes to connect, regardless of veteran status, as long as they are respectful. Join us for a virtual cup of coffee and conversation – you are not alone.

Step 1: Gmail

Our team utilizes the Google Workspace system to provide a consistent, positive, enriching, and secure experience.  It is a requirement to join The Coffee Shop and become a volunteer.

Already have a Gmail account?  Move to step 2!  You're on your way! 

Step 2: Google Chat

When you're ready to start chatting you'll need a powerful communication tool at your fingertips.  Google Chat is that tool!  Google Chat is free and available on the Web, Android, and iOS.  Sign in with your new Google Account once you have it downloaded.

Step 3: The Coffee!

It's BYOC (bring your own coffee), but we're pouring our own too.  Head over to our contact form and let us know you're ready.  Be sure to select "Join the Coffee Shop!"  We will send you an email with instructions that will walk you through joining The Coffee Shop.  We look forward to chatting with you soon.

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