In Color


White holds profound meaning for our organization. It honors the memory of our founder's grandmother, who inspired him to embark on a transformative journey. Her connection to these majestic peaks directly inspired our core belief: that nature, particularly the mountains, possesses a remarkable ability to heal the mind. White, therefore, embodies the purity and peace one finds in such a pristine environment. It reflects the fresh start and sense of healing that the mountain air offers, mirroring the transformative experiences we seek to provide. In essence, white serves as a powerful symbol, not just of our founder's inspiration, but of the restorative power of nature itself.

Almost Black

Potential for Light: The absence of complete blackness signifies the potential for light to return. Even in the darkest moments, there's a spark waiting to ignite, a promise of better days ahead. "Almost Black" paints a powerful image of resilience. It acknowledges the difficulty but emphasizes the enduring presence of hope, a flicker waiting to become a flame.

Olive Drab

Forget flashy colors. To the military, and to Mountains Healing Minds, olive drab holds a powerful significance. Olive drab evokes a rich heritage, honoring generations who donned this colored uniform. It speaks to their resilience and adaptability, just like the color itself that helps soldiers blend into their surroundings.  Furthermore, olive drab embodies the military's core mission of protection and security, a visual representation of the shield they provide. But its power goes beyond individual branches. Olive drab unifies our team, reflecting the unwavering spirit of camaraderie that binds those who have served and presently serve. 

Sum of Parts


The logo features a prominent circle, symbolizing our planet Earth. This circle is unbroken, representing the unity of humanity and our shared home.  The absence of borders within the circle emphasizes our desire to look beyond geographical divisions and recognize our common bond. It's a call to action, reminding us to work together as a global community to care for this precious planet we all share.


The compass metaphor captures goal setting. Unlike a north-seeking compass, our goals act internally perpetually pointing us toward our desired destinations. This internal compass embodies both the strategic direction of our Board of Directors and the visionary foresight of our Leaders, Volunteers, and Donors.

Beyond Words

Mountains Healing Minds

Mountains Healing Minds captures the essence of our mission in its very name. "Mountains" symbolize the restorative power of nature, a place where we not only seek solace and rejuvenation but also find inspiration. Gazing upon their vastness can spark big ideas and a renewed sense of possibility. "Minds" transcends the individual, signifying a collective effort – a community working together.  Finally, "Healing" emphasizes their dedication to overall well-being, encompassing both physical and mental health. It's a powerful name that paints a vivid picture of purpose: to create a supportive community that harnesses the healing power of nature, and the inspiration it brings, to address mental and physical health challenges.  Interestingly, when the words are arranged in the logo, they could be seen to form an abstract continent on Earth, further emphasizing the global reach and interconnectedness of our mission. 

Take The Next Step

"Take the Next Step" isn't just a simple instruction, it's a potent prompt that jumpstarts progress.  Often the biggest hurdle is simply starting, and this phrase cuts through that hesitation, urging us to take action towards our goals.  By focusing on the immediate step, it makes even the most ambitious dreams feel manageable.  Taking that first step creates momentum, a sense of accomplishment that fuels the desire to keep moving forward.  Life isn't always a straight line, and "Take the Next Step" acknowledges that. It encourages us to adapt, to adjust our course as needed, but never to stop taking steps altogether.  Ultimately, these words empower us. They remind us we're not at the mercy of circumstance, but active participants in shaping our own futures. It's a call to action that's both powerful and achievable.  Grandma knew what she was talking about.