Jordan Kemp - Colorado USA 🇺🇸

Board Secretary

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Damien Jackson - Indiana USA 🇺🇸

Director of Convergence

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Peter Lindner - Connecticut USA 🇺🇸

Director of Logistics

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Cayce Small-Mills - Oregon USA 🇺🇸

Director of Operations

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Brandon Bell - Texas USA 🇺🇸

Director of Relationships

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Sienna Crews - Indiana USA 🇺🇸

Director of Signal

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Lindy Liscum - Texas USA 🇺🇸

Director of Technology

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Peter Falleto - Washington USA 🇺🇸

Director of Physical Health

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Carina Wahlstrom - Indiana USA 🇺🇸

Director of Mental Health

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Julia Akers-Grabowski - Colorado USA 🇺🇸

Deputy Director of Convergence

Julia is a lover of the outdoors and a sucker for a good cause. In 2009, she completed an AmeriCorps year of service and worked another two years with Rebuilding Together in post-Katrina New Orleans. She went on to volunteer and work with ToolBank, the NOLA Tree Project, and Team Rubicon.

When she's not working with nonprofits, you might find Julia hiking, reading, knitting, or snuggled up for a nap with her rescue cat, Phunky. She and her husband seem to be on a mission to see how much of the world they can explore, with Phunky in tow.

"As a trauma survivor myself, I love the opportunity Mountains Healing Minds gives me to help others who have PTS grow and recover, through service and travel."

Matt Akers-Grabowski - Colorado USA 🇺🇸

President & Chief Executive Officer


Matt Akers-Grabowski hails from Wenatchee Washington.  A Christian American, husband, father, climber, world traveler, adventurer, team builder, guide, mentor, photographer, technologist, entrepreneur, US Army Veteran, and proven leader. Matt loves adventure and has had the tremendous opportunity to hike, climb, trek, and explore all over the world.  Matt is a rare human who enjoys everything from the simple campground excursion to the most audacious adventures.  

Matt is about the journey, not the summit.  He aims to teach not only how to summit, but grow as a human while doing it.  Matt has a true passion for life, serving others, and teaching tangible life skills through travel, culture, and health.

"I want service to others front and center in my lifestyle.  Giving others the same opportunities I was afforded in healing is my ultimate goal.  This mission is the encapsulation of my passion, vision for a future where people can heal, and relentless determination.  It's what gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me up late at night."